Drs. Edstrom, Trigonis
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Eric C. Edstrom & Alex J. Trigonis, DDS, MS
Adam L. Swenson, DMD, MS
Specialists in Orthodontics for Children & Adults 

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Drs. Edstrom, Trigonis
& Swenson

Eric C. Edstrom and Alex J. Trigonis DDS, MS.
Adam L. Swenson DMD, MS

Specialists in Orthodontics for Children & Adults

Orthodontic Retainers

How to Maintain Your Beautiful Smile

Bonded Retainer
Fixed/Bonded Lower Retainer
Once your teeth are nice and straight, the best way to maintain your beautiful smile is with an orthodontic retainer that stops your teeth from moving. Retainers can be either fixed (a wire bonded behind the teeth) or removable. The doctors will recommend the type of retainer that is best for you, and they will want you to wear it continuously for 6-12 months after the completion of your orthodontic treatment. Following the 6-12 months of continuous wear, the doctors recommend that you wear your retainer nightly to maintain your beautiful smile for life!

*Especially great for college students far from home and their orthodontist, Drs. Edstrom & Trigonis offer In-House Invisalign-like retainers that can be created and ready to use in just a few days! 

Retainer Color Options

Retainer Color Options Drs. Edstrom & Trigonis
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We offer a variety of color options including neon, glow in the dark, patriotic, and natural looking retainers. For added fun, choose from a variety of stickers to add to your retainer.  

Caring For Your Retainer

Always remove your retainer before brushing. Once you have brushed your teeth, brush your retainer before placing it back into your mouth. By following this simple care routine you will ensure that your retainer not only helps you maintain a beautiful smile, but also a healthy one! 

Other Uses
Upper Clear Retainer

Retainers, like braces, are also capable of correcting certain orthodontic problems by actively moving the teeth. The orthodontist will evaluate your teeth to determine if you are a candidate for a retainer of this type.

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